JUST GO: Our Step by Step Guide to Getting You Off the Ground

Travel is actually much more simple than people make it out to be. When going rogue we try not to overthink it, keeping our minds, and our opportunities open.

Here’s our step by step guide to going rogue, from conception, to wheels up!

  1. Pick your destination! Not sure, try browsing ours to find something you like! On a budget? Then start by looking at flights and seeing what’s feasible! We recommend Google Flights to search by price and date (click on  ‘explore destinations’), or Kayak to get the cheapest flights for a specific destination!
  2. BUY A TICKET! We can’t emphasize how important this step is! Buying a ticket is the difference between wanting to go somewhere, and planning to go somewhere. Have you ever heard someone daydream about a trip they’re “going to go on” but somehow never leave? Don’t be that person. Bite the bullet, make the wish a reality, and we’ll help you figure out everything in between!
  3. Get your passport! Yup- we put this step AFTER buying your ticket, because we’ve seen time and again people who “can’t go” because they don’t have their passport. Well, you already invested in a ticket… now you can’t keep putting off getting your passport forever. Need your passport stat? There’s a way! Check out these passport expediting services!
  4. Pack your bag(s)! We rogues are huge proponents of bringing one bag and carrying it on (we do this even when we’re gone for months at a time!). This way you’ll never touch down in Australia and find that your toothbrush and undies somehow went to China. Not sure how to pack? Don’t worry – that’s actually not uncommon (and we won’t make fun of you like they make fun of Kevin in Home Alone). Check out our article on packing for some quick tips and a checklist!
  5. Check your destination’s Visa policies! If you have a US or EU passport you generally have the luxury of Visa on Arrival in the most popular tourist destinations, but not all places are the same. The US Department of State has up to date Visa policies for US Citizens as well as travel alerts and safety advice.
  6. Browse for sleeping arrangements (optional). As rogues, we’re guilty of not booking lodging until we’re on ground in our destination, or the night of. If this is too nerve-wracking for you these are our most recommended sites for hostels and hotels. A good tip for booking is to find somewhere central, or “downtown”. You’ll likely have easy access to transportation and sites from there! Don’t forget to check Airbnb as well!
  7. GO! Seriously… it’s that simple. Now get out there!

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