What You Should Pack: Pro Disneyworld Tips

By Sami

Let me start this article by saying: selfie sticks are not allowed in any Disney Park. Don’t ask me why, and don’t try to sneak one in, it’s a park rule and when someone catches you using it you’ll be scolded.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s approach this age-old question: what the heck do I need to bring to the park with me? The answer: As little as possible.

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  1. Small purse- Usually when we’re at Disney I leave my wallet at home and just bring my card, cash and ID with me. We like getting into the spirit and recommend this adorable bag or this adorable mini-backpack!
  2. Small sunscreen- I usually like to lather on this in the morning, then bring a sunscreen stick for touch-ups.
  3. An external charger- You shouldn’t be on your phone that much at Disney cause there’s literally so much to do, but in case of emergency, or to share with the group pack one along.
  4. Sunglasses- Even better, find a pair that’ll fit in your pocketbook! These sunnies get us in the magical mood!
  5. Adjustable Hat- The snapback or velcro adjustment will allow you to attach it to your bag when you’re going on rides or simply get tired of wearing it.
  6. Rain Poncho- If you’re at Disney World, it’s going to rain. That’s just the truth of Florida. So find a cute poncho you can use for that 10 minute storm and then throw back in your bag!

And there you have it folks. It’s minimal, we know, but you really don’t need more than that for a day at the park. There’s nothing worse than schlepping extra stuff on a hot day in the park. Don’t knock yourself out. Stay minimal, and have fun!

Shopping List:

  1. Small Pocketbook
  2. Backpack
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Sunscreen Stick
  5. External Charger
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Baseball Cap
  8. Rain Poncho

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