Your 5 Packable Natural and Environmentally Friendly Secrets for Beautiful Skin and Hair

When it comes to beauty we’re all about keeping it natural. Not only are natural products healthier for your skin and your body, they’re better for the environment. Here our the skin must-haves we don’t leave for a vacation without, and the best part is: they’re even TSA friendly!


  1. Aloe Vera – I’m sure everyone knows that aloe vera is a great cooling gel for after sun exposure, but did you know it actually has quite a bit more benefits than just stopping the sizzle after you singe? Aloe vera is packed with enzymes that can do wonders for dry skin, acne and even dandruff (that’s right, if you’ve got some travel flakes try a hair mask with this, it really works and makes your hair so shinny)! Also, amazingly enough, aloe is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, making it an amazing moisturizer. We recommend buying the purest aloe on the shelves (97-99%), and watching out for brands with harmful fillers.//Travel//Beauty//DIY//Natural
  2. Vitamin E – You’ve probably seen brans of lip balm advertised as containing Vitamin E, but have you ever gone straight to the source? Before leaving we love to throw a bottle of Vitamin E capsules into our bag for severely chapped lips, split ends, and even a face mask. You can bite into your capsules (because swallowing some Vitamin E is good for your heart), or open them with your nail clippers and apply them like a lipgloss or topical ointment to lips, dry skin patches, scars, or skin damaged by acne. I personally have the worst cracked lips on the planet all year round, and haven’t reached for my lip balm in 5 months since using raw honey as a lip mask, and vitamin e! For split ends, dab some on your finger tips, apply to split ends, then wash out when you shower! For a face mask repeat the same protocol, but apply all over to your face!  //Travel//Beauty//DIY//Natural
  3. Raw Honey – It’s very difficult for me to use raw honey as a beauty product because I usually miss my skin and accidentally put it straight in my mouth! Hah. But all jokes aside, honey is an absolutely amazing product for your skin and hair – but make sure it’s raw! Raw honey contains gluconic and other alpha-hydroxy acids that gently remove dead skin cells, making it a great exfoliant for even sensitive skins if used as a scrub. As a face mask it can help balance oil, and tone, and because of it’s medicinal properties can help get rid of unwanted pimples. Honey is also amazing for hair (especially curls). Use it as a mask before showering, or replace your shampoo with honey for best results (keep in mind it wont lather, so spreading it can be difficult). //Travel//Beauty//DIY//Natural
  4. Argan Oil – Argan oil has moved it’s way into the spotlight of beauty products recently, but has been used for centuries in North Africa for it’s skin beautifying properties. Get this, argan oil is also great for oily, greasy skin, and can help with acne and shininess. We love it as a before bed face mask – wash first, then apply a few drops and massage into your skin and in the morning, wash off any excess. Did we mention that a research team at Muhammed V University in Morocco found that argan oil also contains anti-aging properties for the skin (yup ladies, fight the wrinkles even before they happen!). //Travel//Beauty//DIY//Natural
  5. Lavender Oil – One very sunburned day on the French Riviera a pharmacist handed me a dropper bottle of lavender oil, and life has never been the same. I’ve always loved lavender, but I never realized how many benefits it has for the skin! It’s used to treat acne, scars, wrinkles, psoriasis, and many more! He told us that lavender is healing during the formation of scar tissues, and so can tremendously benefit burns (including sunburns), as well as cuts and acne scars! For sunburn we mixed a few drops of lavender essential oil into our aloe vera and applied liberally all over our bodies, but we’ve come to love it for spot treatment too. It’s also rumored that if you use lavender oil on your scalp it can help promote healthy hair growth and even prevent hair loss! //Travel//Beauty//DIY//Natural

We’re always mesmerized by what the earth has to offer us. It’s amazing how our skin care regimens have transformed naturally over the last few years, and what a difference we have seen from those changes! But don’t just take our word for it, below you can check out our personal faves to take home and try for yourselves!

    1. Aloe Vera
    2. Vitamin E
    3. Raw Honey
    4. Argan Oil
    5. Lavender Oil

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