Style Hack: How to Plan for a Day at Disney

By Sami

For some reason it’s really hard what to decide to wear to an amusement park. Do you want to be cute, or comfy? How dirty is your outfit going to get? Should you plan on being cold?

Well – we’ve got you covered.

  1. Be Comfortable – You’re going to be on your feet walking and standing in line all day. You’ll also be doing a lot of sitting and standing, and if you’re doing it right – a lot of dancing in the streets. So, plan to be comfortable. Don’t wear something that’s so short you’ll be tugging it lower all day, or something so tight that sitting and standing doesn’t feel comfortable. Our Disney comfort test? Can you do a set of lunges and jumping jacks in it?

Style Hack: How to Plan for a Day at Disney // Destination Rogue // #disneystyle #disneyoutfit #disneyland #disneyworld #disneychic #disneytips

  1. Be Cute – For some reason many people are under the impression that being in a place where there are a lot of families and children means you’re going to end up with ice cream or something else on your cute clothes. Maybe that’s true for smaller amusement parks, but Disney does a swell job at keeping the entire facility clean. Don’t be so worried that you only feel okay wearing workout clothes. Wear that cute green dress! Your chances of getting it messy here are just the same as anywhere else.
  2. Wear Practical Shoes – It’s easy to want to wear your vacation sandals or even some wedges into the park, but dress your feet for complete practicality (if you’re worried about pics you can always crop them out!). There’s noting worse than trying to have fun at Disney but not being able to focus on anything but the pain of that new blister. Since it’s warm outside and you’ll be on your feet non stop your feet will also swell, making tight shoes even tighter. We always defer to our most comfortable sneakers while at the park.
  3. Bring a Hat – For some of us, adding a hat to an outfit changes what we’re going to wear. You’ll be in the sun and heat all day, so we highly recommend you plan on a hat with your outfit. Style Hack: How to Plan for a Day at Disney // Destination Rogue // #disneystyle #disneyoutfit #disneyland #disneyworld #disneychic #disneytips
  4. Be Festive – So it’s not always cool to wear a headband with ears, a graphic print t-shirt with your favorite villain, or a tulle princess skirt in your daily life, but at Disney you can dress up all you want and feel right at home, so go for it and have fun! We love this shirt from Target! The only rule? Don’t dress up exactly as your fave character (a la the perfect Halloween costume). If you look too much like one of the meet-and-greet characters they’ll ask you to leave and change.

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