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Destination: Rogue is our take on a diary. It’s a lookbook. It’s a platform to organize our sporadic thoughts and experiences. It’s an ode to New York. It’s a space for us to connect with people who are equally as excited about the world as we are.

Hailing from opposite sides of the country, Clare and Sami make up Destination: Rogue. The traveling duo set off around the globe a few times a year with little more than 30L backpacks and some GoPro gear. Destination: Rogue started as a way to share our travel tips (slow people at the airport make us want to vomit) and travel wardrobes (why do some people only pack workout clothes?) and has evolved into a thought catalog of our lives.

Keep exploring to learn about the places we’ve been, the hilarious misadventures we find ourselves in, and the adventures we’ve managed to pull off along the way! We hope we can help inspire you to plan your own adventures, but if nothing else, you find a few laughs in our rogue sense of travel!